About Nova Foundation CIC

New star

Nova means new star. Nova Foundation’s vision is a world without babyloss. Our mission is to ensure that every parent who experiences babyloss receives immediate comfort, trauma and bereavement support for as long as they need, as well as anxiety and pratical support in any subsequent pregnancies.

Comfort, bereavement and trauma support

Nova Foundation CIC is a new social enterprise that was created in May 2019 in response to the lack of trauma support that babyloss parents receive. We aim to educate parents to understand the different between trauma and bereavement, to signpost for bereavement support to ensure that traumatised babyloss parents receive the support and understanding they need to rehabilitate into their ‘new normal’.

Run for babloss parents by babyloss parents

Our founder Tara’s son Buddy was stillborn in July 2017. Nova was set up to honour his memory so that other parents do not have to walk the path of babyloss alone. From talking to other babyloss parents it became clear that appropriate therapeutic support is lacking, with parents receiving little in the way of bereavement support and even less for trauma support. Support for Dad’s is virtually non existant. Nova exists to ensure all parents receive help when they need it most.

A safe, comforting space

Providing comfort and support to babyloss parents will always be at the heart of everything Nova does. We want to provide a safe space for parents to connect to their babies in a world where their loss is treated as a taboo and where the impact of trauma is little understood. Nova has been created by babyloss parents, and those that care for them, for babyloss parents.

How we will work

Nova will run compassion based cost effective antenatal and hypnobirthing classess for babyloss parents, for whom regular classes are not suitable, but also for other parents who have also had extraordinary journeys to parenthood. In time, and this will take time, these classes will then fund trauma therapists salaries.

We are at start up phase, meaning we will be testing and refining antenatal classes. In the meantime as well as having developed our own bereavement, trauma and wellbeing resources, we will signpost to other organisations who may be able to offer professional support.

We understand that grief is exhausting, and that searching for information online can be tiring, triggering, and sometimes not relevant to a British audience. We have created one space for parents to find all the resources they need online, and well as signposting to other organisations who may also help.

Why we exist

  • 203,000 families affected by pregnancy loss (miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death) a year in the UK (1 in 4 of all pregnancies)

  • 3,000 families (15 per day) experience stillbirth

  • Sands research has found that 60% of bereaved parents felt they needed specialist support for their mental health

  • UK has the highest rate of stillbirth, and one of the highest infant mortality rates, in Western Europe

  • 32.7% of women that experience stillbirth have full blown Post Traumatic Street Disorder (PTSD)

  • 10% of women who have experienced pregnancy loss are too traumatised to ever return to work

  • 30,000 women a year in the UK experience birth trauma

Get involved

Nova are looking for professionals and babyloss parents to help us provide the best levels of support to babyloss parents. If this is something you would be interested in getting involved with you can find out more here