Nova Foundation Hypnobirthing + Antenatal Classes

Nova Foundation run a range of combined small group antenatal and hypnobirthing classes to suit you, no matter your journey to parenthood, for a comprehensive, convenient and compassionate antenatal education.

Our classes have been designed to incorporate all the practical information you need to know to prepare for birth, early days with your baby and how to support yourself emotionally. With regular socials built in, and a safe space to acknowledge your journey to parenthood, our classes really do provide you with an empowered start to family life.

Why is Nova different?

A safe space to belong

No matter your journey to parenthood, our classes are reassuring, hope filled and comforting spaces a world away from triggering hospital environments to learn the essentials of birth and early days with your baby. Many parents that have had complex journeys to pregnancy and birth, including babyloss, feel they do not fit into regular antenatal classes. We understand, which is why we have created a safe, reassuring space to feel right at home.

Affordable, comprehensive parent centred support

As we are a social enterprise our classes remain small for parent centred care and our prices are affordable to ensure as many people that would like to attend can. We purposely provide hypnobirthing and post natal education combined so that you do not have to pay more. Our classes are small (3-10 couples) meaning you are at the centre of our support. We also offer private classes for parents that want a more personalised level of support.

Compassionate hypnobirthing included

No need to pay extra. The first 8 hours of the course is a hypnobirthing programme, a comprehensive antenatal programme in its own right, meaning you will learn about birth and the techniques to ensure you feel empowered and can go with the flow no matter how birth unfolds.

Unbiased, empowering, agenda free information

We inform you of all the different ways to give birth, including induction and caesarian, as well as formula feeding. We empower you to make the best choices for you and your baby.

Optimising wellbeing

We cover social support networks, your new family dymanics, post natal depression, baby blues and how to make sure you balance sanity with sleep deprivation.

Midwife informed classes

FEDANT accredited Antenatal Classes (trained by Village Midwives), Nicola Nelson’s Way of the Koi Compassionate Hypnobirthing and Rebozo trained.


What we cover

All classes will be adapted to the parents in the group, but generally you will learn

  • Anatomy and physiology of birth

  • Different stages of birth

  • Choice and consent

  • Early signs of labour

  • Analgesia options (pain relief)

  • Anxiety reduction techniques and managing triggers

  • Birth map/birth plan

  • How to have an active birth

  • Making the room feel safe and cosy, no matter the birth

  • Different forms of birth including inductions, interventions (as well as how to ask for one), empowered caesaraians

  • Lots of fun and practical activities to get the birth partner feeling more involved

  • Rebozo techniques to get comfortable

  • Feeding needs of baby, first breath to cluster feeding

  • Breastfeeding and formula feeding with the worlds most ugly but hysterical puppet!

  • Understanding tongue tie

  • Putting baby to sleep safely

  • Bathing, nappy and skin care

  • Realities of early days with your newborn

  • Baby blues and postnatal depression

  • Creating the support circle that you need

  • Develop practical and emotional strategies to maintain your own wellbeing

  • Looking at your new family dynamic

What is Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a technique to reduce fear around childbirth and to manage pain involving a mix of breathing, relaxation, distraction and visualisations that can help you feel more in control of birth. Hypnobirthing gives strategies for when things deviate from the expected so that you feel more confident in going with the flow of birth, no matter the direction.

Hypnobirthing is not just solely learning relaxation techniques but is a comprehensive antenatal package to help prepare you for birth.

What is Compassionate Hypnobirthing?

Compassionate Hypnobirthing was developed by Way of the Koi’s Nicola Nelson, a midwife for 25 years and hypnotist. Compassionate Hypnobirthing empowers parents to go with the flow of birth and is absolutely perfect for all parents looking for parent centred support. Empowered does not mean not having pain relief, or not having interventions, empowered means having the birth you choose to have, however it unfolds.

You will learn bubble breathing, arm stroking techniques, affirmations, arm/finger drop technique, tennis ball massage, Tonglen style compassionate breathing, fear release exercise, basic rebozo and aromatherapy.

What makes Compassionate Hypnobirthing with Nova different?

Many hypnobirthing teachers had wonderful positive drug free waterbirths using hypnobirthing techniques. Great for them! At Nova, we understand that, for whatever reason, you may have an induction or elective caesarian, or choose to take ALL the drugs because that feels best for you. We also understand that whatever birth you have, can be an empowered one, even if things do not go to plan (and that is is likely they won’t).

We also combine hypnobirthing with post natal education so that you receive a fully holistic level of antenatal education. Hypnobirthing usually covers birth only and does not generally cover the post natal period.


You will receive a Nova Tote Bag which will include

  • Copy of Mindful Hypnobirthing by Sophie Fletcher

  • MP3’s and scripts for you to use

  • Follow up calls

  • Invitation to Nova socials

  • Other goodies

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