Nova Foundation app

Our prototype app is designed to give you comfort and support when you need it most. It is a pocket sized guide to help you connect to your baby whilst being more aware of your own wellbeing. It is a space to keep pictures, poems, check in and record how you are feeling.

The app also provides pratical exercise to make you feel more grounded and in control if things start to feel a bit overwhelming. You can record how you feel day to day, and share this with health professionals if you feel this is something that couldhelp you. We hope the app provides you with support and information to help you feel even 1% more comforted during what is a traumatic time.

The app will automatically be connected and log you in if you use the same device (ie if you use the same phone to look at the app on). Please make a note of the password, as due to the prototype nature of the app we cannot recover lost passwords. Please click here for the app